.Net Data Objects

Release: 7.0 - 18 April 2017 (.Net Framework 2.x, 3.x, 4.x)

What's new in release 7.0:

• Added supporto for additional sql reserved words
• Added new QueryField… overloads to Connection object
• Dropped Support for IBM DB2 database type
• Added support for SQLite 3.x database type
• Added support for Guid datatypes
• Added new OpenMode property (full support for Microsoft Access and partial support for SQLite)
• Minor optimization
• Added Support for Microsoft SQL server 2016
• Fixed a bug with MySQL date/time fields with null values
• Fixed a bug when change default ConnectionTimeout in a connectionstring
• Addedd Connection property to SQLSelect, SQLUpdate, SQLInsert and SQLUpdate classes

Softgroup .Net Data Objects is a set of .Net classes that gives to developers powerful objects for accessing, editing, and updating data from a wide range of databases throw a a unique driver interface.

With Softgroup .Net Data Objects developers can especially easy migrate old data-oriented projects that use Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to Microsoft ADO.NET technology based on .NET Framework without rewriting many lines of code.

In fact in order to facilitate the migration of source code Softgroup .Net Data Objects contains most of same objects (with most same Properties and Methods) of Microsoft ADO (Connection, Recordset, Fields, Field etc.)

In addition Softgroup .Net Data Objects contains other useful SQL objects and functions to query, insert, update and delete tables data on a database using auto-generated standard SQL statements that can be executed in all supported databases.

The most common usage of Softgroup .Net Data Objects is to query and manipulate the structure of a relational or non-relational database, retrieve and display the results in an application, and let users make and save changes to the data.

Other tasks include:

· Open a Connection to a database
· Easy manipulation of database objects (Databases, Tables, Indexes, Primary Keys and Foreign Keys, Views, Procedures, Triggers, Groups, Users, Permissions etc…)
· Perform advanced operations on Databases like: enumerate existing databases, create or delete e database, backup or restore a database etc.
· Multilanguage advanced dialogs (with Unicode support) to Connect to a database, backup and restore operations (use of dialogs is optional)
· Querying a database using SQL and displaying the results
· Executing commands and stored procedures with parameters
· Dynamically create Recordset objects, to hold, navigate, and manipulate data like Microsoft ADO Recordset object also with Bookmark support
· Performing transactional database operations
· Transformation of a Recordset object to a .System.DataTable object
· Filtering and sorting local copies of database information based on run-time criteria
· Saving data from a database into an XML file
· A series of SQL objects and functions in order to standardize writing of SQL statements in your code (SQLSelect, SQLInsert, SQLUpdate and SQLDelete)
· Support for Unicode databases

Softgroup .Net Data Objects con be used as a standard way to write .Net data-oriented solutions that support most commercial databases types using one single component.

Supported Databases

Softgroup .Net Data Objects con be used as a standard way to write fast data-oriented .Net solutions that support most popular databases like:

· Microsoft Access
· Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2016
· Oracle
· SQLite
· PostgreSQL
· FireBird

Softgroup .Net Data Objects implements in a unique interface native third-party drivers (MS Access, MS SQL Server Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL PostgreSQL, and Firebird) that make use of ADO .Net, OLEDB or ODBC technologies.

Prior to running Setup to install the Softgroup .Net Data Objects, you must already have the .NET Framework 2.x, 3.x or 4.x and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013/2015/2017 installed on the computer.

Documentation and informational resources
Softgroup .Net Data Objects has exhaustive documentation supplied with installation where every aspect of using the product is covered in details.

If you have a question regarding this product, take a look through list of Frequently Asked Questions or use support page to contact and obtain from Softgroup .Net Support team.

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