.Net Controls Suite

Current Release: 7.0 - 15 October 2015 (.Net Framework 2.x, 3.x, 4.x).

Softgroup .Net Controls Suite include more than thirty enhanced controls with wich you can enhance the user interface of your applications.

Many of these controls are not provided directly from .Net Framework.

Softgroup .Net Controls Suite includes following controls:

Softgroup .Net Advanced Panel control is an extended Panel control that implements unsupported behaviours and features of standard control.

Softgroup .Net Animation control can play AVI video Interleaved files.

Softgroup .Net ListBar control is an implementation of Microsoft Outlook List Bar control.

Softgroup .Net OutlookBar control is an implementation of Microsoft Outlook Navigation Bar control.

Softgroup .Net ExplorerBar control is an implementation of Windows Explorer Bar control.

Softgroup .Net Advanced Splitter enhanced splitter control with automatic collapse/expand of child controls.

Softgroup .Net Button control with gradient and/or light effects.

Softgroup .Net LinkButton is a button control designed to mimic the look of command link control available from Windows Vista.

Softgroup .Net Split Button control with a split area that can display on user click with an associated ContextMenuStrip.

Softgroup .Net Calculator control provides easy to use full customizable calculator control for Windows Forms.

Softgroup .Net Combo Colors is an advanced ComboBox that display a list of System Colors or Know Colors.

Softgroup .Net Combo Colors is an advanced ComboBox that display a list of system Drives with automatic detection of system drives changes.

Softgroup .Net Combo Fonts is an advanced ComboBox that display a list of system installed Fonts.

Softgroup .Net Combo Images is an advanced ComboBox that display images with text.

Softgroup .Net ComboList is a resizable ComboBox control that has same behaviors of a standard ComboBox with DropDownList style and many others features.

Softgroup .Net Combo Printers is an advanced ComboBox that display a list of system installed Printers with automatic detection of system printers changes (for plug and play devices).

Softgroup .Net ListBox Images is an advanced ListBox that display images with text.

Softgroup .Net MDI Bar is lightweight .NET MDI bar control for automatic tracking of MDI children (with thumbnail preview feature) of an MDI parent form.

Softgroup .Net NetMDIManager is an advanced component that provides new features for .Net MDI applications and eliminates flicker generated during showing or switching of maximized Mdi child forms.

Softgroup .Net Notify Message is an implementation of .Net MSN Messenger-like notification window.

Softgroup .Net Print Preview is a .Net control that provide nice and accurate print and preview for CheckedListBox, DataGrid, DataGridView, Forms, ListBox, ListView, TreeView, RichTextBox .Net WinForm controls and System.Drawing.Image objects.

Softgroup .Net ProgressBar control is an advanced progress bar controls with orientation and gradients effects.

Softgroup .Net ProgressBlock control is an highly customizable block progress bar control with orientation and gradient/glass effects.

Softgroup .Net ProgressLed is a graphic control that mimics a Led numeric display.

Softgroup .Net ProgressSlider is a enhanced trackbar control that display a progress slider with orientation and thumb button with various styles and effects.

Softgroup .Net Win8ProgressMarquee is a control that mimic Windows 8/10 progress marquee indicator.

Softgroup .Net Win8ProgressRing is a control that mimic Windows 8/10 progress ring indicator.

Softgroup .Net ProgressLoop control is an advanced loading loop control that can emulate IE, FireFox and MacOSX progress style.

Softgroup .Net Tab Control is an advanced and enhanced version of standard .Net TabControl that implements unsupported behaviors and features of standard control.

Softgroup .Net Thumbnail is a fast, small, lightweight and easy to use .NET control that gives your applications enhanced and high quality thumbnail images browser.

Softgroup .Net ToolStripColorPicker control is a ToolStripSplitButton that allows selecting a color from a color picker.

Softgroup .Net ToolStrip Customize component is an easy to use .Net component that provide runtime user customization dialog of any ToolStrip control.

Softgroup .Net Wizard control is a fast, small, lightweight and easy to use .NET control to simplify many of the tasks, known as Wizard, that are associated with building a series of forms to collect user input.

Prior to running Setup to install the Softgroup .Net Combos Controls, you must already have the .NET Framework 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013/2015 installed on the computer.

Softgroup .Net Combos Controls is provided as single setup package that contains all required files and documentation.

Documentation and informational resources
Softgroup .Net Controls Suite has exhaustive documentation supplied with installation where every aspect of using the product is covered in details. See NetControls.chm for more details.

If you have a question regarding this product, take a look through list of Frequently Asked Questions or use support page to contact and obtain from Softgroup .Net Support team.

Each copy is licensed on a per developer basis. A developer may use the license on multiple CPUs as long as they are not used concurrently nor used by another developer. Run-time royalty free.

Source Code
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Annual Subscription
This service is a convenient way to ensure that you are always using the latest versions of product. The Subscription License entitles subscribers to automatically receive all major upgrades (full version releases), new products included in the product and minor updates (enhancements and service patches) for the period of one year.

Priority Subscription
This service includes all Annual Subscription options plus one year of priority support rapid email response (within 3 business days).

Upgrade from previous versions
To all customers holders of a previous version please select one upgrade license option from the Buy Options.
This require a valid previous serial number of product that must be send through mail to Sales team

Ordering Information
Our prices include technical support and a FREE upgrade to the new version if it is released within 30 days of your purchase. Please contact our Sales team.
If you require any licensing option not listed below including volume licensing and previous versions.

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