Softgroup is an Italian firm having ten years of experience in realizing ERP products on Microsoft Windows platforms and it is especially known on the market for its Galileo 2000 and GeminiXP products used by companies operating in various fields.

Since 2004 Softgroup has been developing components availing of the use of Microsoft .NET technologies to access to databases applying the experience it has acquired throughout the years.  

Softgroup is in particular the manufacturer of .NET Data Objects: a component for Microsoft .NET Framework development platforms capable of accessing to different types of commercial databases (Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL) and of manipulating the structure and the information they contain, by means of one sole component.

In addition Softgroup .NET Data objects offers extensive functions  (Softgroup.Connection and Sofgroup.Recordset objects) for the migration of data-oriented solutions developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and functions for the automatic generation of the standard SQL code for interrogations, data entry, updating and deletion operations (SQLSelect, SQLInsert, SQLUpdate and  SQLDelete).

The main features of Softgroup are:

  • A strong innovative spirit  
  • A continuous search for advanced solutions  
  • The achievement of avant-garde applications and components

The Softgroup production group is made up of expert analysts and developers that are able to furnish a complete analysis and assessment service and convert it to highly evolved software.


Softgroup S.r.l.
VAT: IT03678200282
via Carlo Mandelli, 3
35127 PADOVA (PD)

Tel: +39 049.8935363